What does RawSAFE mean
for your practice?

We recognise that as vets and nurses, you will have had lots of training from the big pet food manufacturers. We know, because members of our team are vets and nurses, just like you.

We also know many vets specialising in exotics and even zoo animals who are absolutely familiar with the importance of feeding the right food to the species they are responsible for. And the "right food" is as close as is practically possible to what they would eat in the wild. That's what their entire physiology is set up to deal with efficiently and safely.

Species Appropriate Diets

At the very first Raw Feeding Veterinary Society conference, back in 2014 a prominent zoo vet stood up at the end and announced that he had enjoyed the day, but was baffled as to why we were even discussing if raw food was the most appropriate diet for cats and dogs, it was blindingly obvious this is what they should eat!

As with all diets the quality of the product and its relative safety is related to what the ingredients are and under what conditions they are put together for the end consumer. With raw diets this is also very important and so that you and dog and cat owners can distinguish those foods using the most appropriate food hygiene standards and advice we have designed the RawSAFE mark for easy identification.

Changing to a Raw Food Diet

We know that increasing numbers of well-informed dog and cat owners are changing to raw feeding (and seeing huge benefits in their companions as a result). We hear all too often of cases where someone has been to the vet and been told off for feeding raw, accompanied by a long list of misinformation. In many cases, this results in that vet losing a client very rapidly!

Approved Products

RawSAFE means that you can direct your client to a manufacturer, safe in the knowledge that they are using the best manufacturing practices possible. You might even want to stock their products yourself to demonstrate that you understand that you have clients feeding raw, even if you might not choose to do so yourself. You can be confident that the latest science has been considered (and if that interests you, you might like to join the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society to learn more, we genuinely welcome curious newcomers to raw).


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